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      The scope of our services includes professional photographing of various events. In order to eternalise and keep from forgetting moments important to you, we have focused our business on the realisation of these ideas, creating images and memories for life.

      Hiring a natural candid wedding photographer, you are in for a lot of positive energy and can be sure that together we will make fantastic photos. In addition to the quality of photos, we keep the relationship with our clients in the highest regard. Often these relationships grow into a long-lasting friendship. With our service you always get the desired quality to the best industry standards. Behind us are hundreds of satisfied customers who are happy to return to us again and again, satisfied with our previous cooperation.



      “I dedicated my complete attention to every couple, providing them with unparalleled personalised experience.”


      A skilled eye will not miss the difference between good and bad photography, but you do not have to be a professional to see for yourself that the photos made by professional wedding photographers are significantly different from the amateur ones. Good wedding photography involves several parameters that must be taken care of in order to translate your special moments and scenes into a lasting form faithfully. Using professional cameras, we will delight you with our ability to capture the moment and turn it into your eternal memory.



      Simon Gorges, your own candid natural wedding photographer, offers the services of photographing christenings, weddings and other kinds of celebrations of your choice. With many years of experience, we can record the best moments of the events important to you and do so in their most beautiful light. Professional wedding photography, image quality and friendly relationship with clients are features that set us apart from the competition.


      “My style is to capture every moment, every emotion and to be inconspicuous at the same time.”


      Shooting weddings, christenings, engagements and other celebrations with professional HD equipment allows you to save the important moments from fading. Professional recording with state-of-the-art technology guarantees you the highest quality of picture.



      The name Simon Gorges, apart from representing a respected natural candid wedding photographer, stands for a professional team that is always ready to respond to the demands of all our clients, with the desire to be completely unique in the way we provide our services.

      After the wedding, our editing process of photo rendering adds new value to the recorded material, with certain finesse for the final look of your wedding book completing the wedding photography creation process.

      Your treasured memories, collected and perfectly preserved from oblivion in the wedding book that we create specifically to your preferences, will allow you to remember that day forever. From the many photos we take at your wedding, we will choose the ones that you will adore. With the conscious and creative approach of your professional wedding photographer, your wedding book will be one of a kind.

      We invite you to choose a timeless sense of Simon Gorges, a natural candid wedding photographer, who will seize that impulse of significance and those sparks of true meaning for you to keep, wherever you might be.


      Celebrate the essence of your life through professional shots of love!


      Give us a call and see our professional, personal and unrepeatable approach to the wedding photography concept! We adapt our photo and video packages to the wishes of the bride and the groom, without hidden costs and surprises!