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General Information
1. When will we receive the contract?
You receive the contract immediately after you confirmed your booking with me.
2. Should we have a meeting?
Yes. I always prefer to meet up in person for a casual meeting. A coffee shop, skype or facetime meeting is acceptable.
3. How much is the booking fee and when is it due?
The booking fee is $1,500 for wedding collections or 50% of the total price of custom packages when less than $3,000 for the total value. Booking fees are due when signing the wedding agreement.
4. Do we receive all images and in RAW format?
No. I carefully select quality images and cull those with blinks or closed eyes etc. the best images of larger sequences are selected. For your convenience, I export the quality selection in high resolution JPEG only.
5. Do you accept payments in instalments?
Yes. I accept automated credit card payments or direct debit instalments.
6. What is your refund or cancellation policy?
There is no refund of booking fees. Further details are in the agreement.
7. Do you have liability insurance?
I have a public liability insurance cover of up to $10 million, including drone services.
8. Do you offer videography services?
Unfortunately, I do not offer videography services. I do however highly recommend: Cinemotive.
9. Do you carry back up equipment?
Yes. I always carry back up cameras and memory cards.
10. What is the backup plan if you are unable to photograph my wedding for any unexpected reason?
In the event of “Force Majeure” which means an event; occurrence or cause beyond the control of a party and which occurs without the negligence of that party, back up photographers will be provided who are highly trained with the same style and experience. These occurrences include, without limitation, severe weather conditions and acts of God; acts of war; riots; protest actions; terrorist activity; strikes; lockouts; fires and explosions and earthquakes. If the clients are not satisfied with the work from the backup photographers, I will be happy to refund the booking fee or money paid.
11. How will you and your assistants be dressed?
We dress in smart casual, mainly black clothing.
12. Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?
I limit shot lists to family shots only as my style is an illustration of the whole wedding story. Special moments such as fireworks, special entertainment and so on are exceptions.
13. Will you be posting about our wedding on your website and social media? And, will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs?
Yes. I usually blog and share some wedding impressions on social media.
14. Do you photograph same sex weddings?
Yes. Anyone who wants to tie the knot and celebrate their love is welcome.
About Me
1. How long have you been a wedding photographer?
My ultimate love for photography began well over a decade ago through my love of travel and extreme sports. Capturing those beautiful yet exciting places and moments is how I developed my unique style of storytelling which quickly turned into a desire to capture and tell beautiful love stories through specialising in wedding photography. I have been a reputable Sydney wedding photographer ever since.
2. How many weddings have you photographed?
I have photographed over 800 weddings in Sydney and around Australia. I have also photographed weddings in Bora Bora, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand, NYC, Hawaii and many European countries including Germany, Spain and Italy.
3. Do you photograph any other special occasions?
Yes. My expertise in storytelling allows me to be an exceptional photographer for any special occasion. I can photograph all sorts of occasions and important moments from engagement shoots to christenings.
4. Have you photographed at our ceremony / reception venue before?
I have photographed weddings at many of Sydney’s finest ceremony and reception venues. Some that I know well include Dolton House Venues, Grand Pacific Group Venues and many more. If I have not yet photographed at a specific venue, I will scout it prior to the wedding day.
1. How would you describe your wedding photography style?
My style is very candid and natural. I like to tell the story of the happy event and capture its true and raw emotions. My photographs portray the love, romance, elegance and style of the wedding through candid and natural shots that capture the flow of movement and realness.
2. What would you compare your work to?
There is a definitive photojournalistic approach to my work with a hint of glamour. It is almost as if I capture the event through real documentation but with an artistic approach that illustrates my unique style.
3. Where did you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration came from my love of travel photography and extreme sports. The beauty and excitement of life’s most inspiring moments that I could capture on camera led me to becoming a wedding photographer.
4. How do you approach your plan of action for photographing a wedding day?
Serious planning is involved in preparing for a wedding shoot. I have a professional yet creative approach that I implement through my vast experience in various photography fields, my state of the art equipment and a deep-felt trusting relationship that I build with the bride and groom. Having a strong relationship with the couple that goes beyond a business arrangement is key.
Pricing & Wedding Collection
1. What is included in your standard collection?
The Essential package ($2,995) is a digital collection that includes 6-hour coverage, a selection of quality wedding day images, high resolution images, an online gallery and a quick turnaround of approximately four business weeks.
2. What add-ons are available for my wedding collection?
Some of the add-ons available for any wedding collection are additional coverage ($330p/h), additional photographer ($750/day), parent albums, wedding album customisations, engagement /couple shoots and printed artwork.
3. Can I customise a collection to suit my needs?
Absolutely. All wedding collections are customisable.
4. Do you include engagement shoots and other pre-wedding events like the kitchen tea or rehearsal dinner?
There are collection features for these types of services. They are separate add-ons that can be arranged.
5. How many hours are included in a collection and how much do extra hours cost?
All of my wedding packages include coverage that is 6-hours ++. Any additional coverage is possible at a cost of $330p/h.
6. Do you offer retouching, colour adjustment or other corrective services? If so, is it included in the wedding collection or is it an additional charge?
The selection of images that are selected for quality from the raw images are edited with colour corrections and made print ready. Retouching applies only for wedding album images which remain in the final client approved layout. Retouching services are available for the standard digital collection at a charge of $125p/h.
7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance and what does it cover?
I don’t charge a travel fee for Sydney metro weddings. A travel fee of $500 applies for weddings that are in 250km driving distance from Sydney metro. A flat rate fee of $1 000 plus travel expenses reimbursed such as air fare, accommodation and rental car applies to interstate weddings.
8. Do you have any weekday or winter discounts?
Unfortunately, not because wedding costs and expenses are the same for any day of the year.
9. When is the final payment due?
The final payment is due 60 days before the wedding day.
Wedding Album & Images
1. Can we order prints or albums directly from you?
Yes. You can order your fine art wedding album through me. The album is exquisitely designed and available in matte or lustre with a variety of quality covers and packaging options.
2. What type of album do you offer and do you assist with selecting images and designing the album?
I offer a fine art wedding album with a genuine leather cover. It is exceptional quality with a variety of size (Square: 10x10inch or 11x14inch) and design options. I do assist with selection by recommending 250 images from the day and I create the album design. I might use additional images for support of the couple’s collection of favourites.
3. How many pages or prints are included and what is the turnaround time?
The most popular offer is a 60-side album @ $2,500 for the entire album including all post production work such as design session with client, designing, revisions and retouching for the album images only. Once album design is completed and client signs off, the turnaround time is around 6 weeks.
4. Are additional album sides available?
Yes. One spread, or 2 sides are prices at an additional $95 upon request. Bulk options are available with savings.
5. Are parent album options available?
Yes. Parent albums are available @ $395 for a replica 6x6" square of main album.
6. How long after the wedding will we receive the wedding images? And how are they delivered?
The wedding day digital images have a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks and they are delivered in a customised password protected online gallery. Final delivery of your wedding images, depending on wedding collection, is on USB
7. Will we have the rights to the images?
Clients have the right to print the images as many times as they wish but they are not allowed to sell them onto third parties or use them for commercial use. The copyrights stay with me.
8. Will we receive high resolution images?
Yes. All clients get high resolution images from the quality selection that are print ready and without watermarks.
9. Will the images be accessible online and for how long?
Yes. The images will be available in a password protected online gallery for 6-months guaranteed access.
10. Do you offer Thank You cards?
Yes. Personalised Thank You cards, with up to two images in post card size, with custom text are available @ $4.50 each with an envelope.
11. Do you offer enlargements?
Yes. I offer a variety of fine art prints and artwork. All products are available in your online gallery. Access the print shop and order your favourite size and finish. Delivery direct to your door.