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      I am Simon Gorges, your professional Sydney wedding photographer!

      Photography has been a part of my journey as a photographer for more than a decade. After my studies in design, marketing and business, my passion for photography grew even more, and since then I have been living for those fragments of life captured in their most inspiring moment. Although I am now a professional wedding photographer, it all started with my love for travel photography. Quickly, that affinity for storytelling developed into a reputable Sydney wedding photography business.

      I love working with people in a dynamic and inspirational environment, so I specialised in wedding photography and portraits.

Natural and candid wedding photography is not an easy job, but that's why it's one of the most beautiful jobs in the world! Before deciding to start a career in wedding photography, I developed a specific and recognisable creative taste during my self-exploring travels through a variety of urban and rural areas of the world, as well as through my extreme sports background, a passion which caught on during my service in the military, with skydiving and base jumping – thrilling moments that left a dynamic and vivid impact on my photos.

      How long have you been a wedding photographer?
      My ultimate love for photography began well over a decade ago through my love of travel and extreme sports. Capturing those beautiful yet exciting places and moments is how I developed my unique style of storytelling which quickly turned into a desire to capture and tell beautiful love stories through specialising in wedding photography. I have been a reputable Sydney wedding photographer ever since.
      How many weddings have you photographed?
      I have photographed over hundreds of weddings in Sydney and around Australia. I have also photographed weddings in Bora Bora, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand, NYC and many European countries including Germany, Spain and Italy.
      Do you photograph any other special occasions?
      Yes. My expertise in storytelling allows me to be an exceptional photographer for any special occasion. I can photograph all sorts of occasions and important moments from engagement shoots to christenings.
      Have you photographed at our ceremony / reception venue before?
      I have photographed weddings at many of Sydney’s finest ceremony and reception venues. Some that I know well include Dolton House Venues, Grand Pacific Group Venues and many more. If I have not yet photographed at a specific venue, I will scout it prior to the wedding day.
      SIMON GORGES | Wedding Photography



      I have over a decade of professional experience in the industry, ranging from managing and photography responsibilities in exciting international documentary film production projects, TV shows for NetFlix and NatGeo, to the privileged encounters photographing Australian celebrities, such as Benji Marshall & Zoe Balbi, Brett Lee and many others.

      During my career as a photographer, candid and natural wedding photography occupies a special place and is a branch of photography I particularly enjoy. Professional wedding photography requires serious planning, a creative and professional approach, equipment and experience. Professional wedding photography is actually a blend of four branches of photography. It includes documentary, studio, lifestyle and fashion photography, which means that it takes a lot of time and effort engaged in my own professional development.

      Through this diverse journey of mine, and particularly inspired by photographers James Nachtwey or Steven Dupont, I have sensed that a direct and personal approach to storytelling is something that I want my work to be recognised for. Capturing the details, immediate environment and raw truth of weddings, christenings, family reunions or simple portraits with families and friends, I tend to trigger long-lasting emotional response to scenes of that special and rare event atmosphere of the Sydney wedding photography concept.

      In a pursuit of that perfect shot every time and with the same drive and excitement inherent to extreme sports, with professional lighting, top lenses, and equipment, your story is destined to remain a memorable natural wedding photography feature and a carving in the history of your loving relationship.

 Every mini photo session that can be seen when the image gallery opens was created with a commitment involving a professional photographer, as well as the newlyweds themselves.

      High-quality wedding photos get a special magic, which is intertwined with the work of experienced photographer and modern, artistic photography. It is not uncommon that the friendship is made between myself and newlyweds during the wedding and through the photo session. This is witnessed by numerous beautiful and caring comments that brides and grooms often left for me on my social network exposure sites.

      Simon Gorges and his approach to Sydney’s wedding photography industry is such that he not only produces professional wedding photographs but also pictures from weddings with special attention and a clear vision of how to illustrate romance, movement, beauty, tradition, elegance, style, funny moments, character, and all those small and other symbols of your love and wedding story.