Although there are still some exceptional days in life, like the birth of a child, the wedding is still a special day of its own! It is a day devoted to the bride and the groom, a day where everything should be about you and perfect for you, the "main actors" on the wedding day. And so it should be, all of you future brides and grooms, make use of your day, enjoy it and entertain yourself like never before.




Organisation of the wedding can be stressful when the newlyweds are in a race with time. The wedding usually takes place according to certain protocols and customs, and the newlyweds themselves choose which of these customs and protocols will be included in their ceremony. Still, it does not always go smoothly and perfectly, in spite of careful preparation and planning of all details, sometimes unplanned things happen, such as bad weather. That is why it is important to have a professional wedding photographer by your side that will take care of all the unexpected events, so that your wedding day remains the most memorable. My team and I will take care of everything and solve all the expected and unexpected situations. A bit of rain or even snow does not bother us, we do not notice the heat, and recording your wedding is not just a job but a genuine pleasure and unique wedding photography experience.



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We will carefully schedule the time and place of the photo session, and we will also prepare the backup version in case of bad weather. We will not allow for bad weather to spoil your moment, so whatever the conditions, we’ll get a set of beautiful photos during the photo session, and a lot of beautiful portraits, formal photographs of quests, parents, and relatives throughout the day. Among up to a couple of thousands taken, the hundreds of carefully selected series of interesting photos during the wedding ceremony and party time will follow.



Many wedding couples, especially the groom, can have a difficult time during the photo session. Fortunately, it does not have to be so. With candid and natural wedding photography concept that we introduce, posing does not mean a frenetic stare into the distance, a long-held gaze and stiff-looking pose like those in magazines! In fact, there is no reason why posing and photo sessions should not be relaxing and comfortable for the bride and the groom, leaving all feeling better and content. You will get the photos where you look natural, relaxed and glamorous at the same time.



The fun photo session experience is usually organized prior to or after, which is the better option, the wedding ceremony and of course, the photo session is not just “work”; during the shooting, there will be a time for refreshments, fun and inevitable laughs. You will get acquainted with the whole process of relaxing and learning how to naturally pose. We want those natural movements and gestures that look beautiful in the photos captured, showing you two in your best light! That is what natural wedding photography concept is all about. After several captured poses, each in several variants, we will change the shooting location. At each new location you will be more relaxed and you will enjoy the shooting. That’s why best shots, are the ones captured around the half-way through the session.


“One of the most satisfying moments is when we notice the brides and grooms facial expressions while watching the photos of their own wedding.”


There are many locations that make wedding photos really special. Aesthetically perfect wedding photography improves the depth and beauty of the selected location and the best photographers know how to use that.

Experience and quality equipment guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Check out the Sydney wedding photography gallery and get acquainted with our wedding photography services. You can see the wedding photos we’ve been presenting recently on our social media exposure sites.